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Alex Merlin Consultancy

The Scenario

Alex Merlin Consultancy is a telemarketing company. Having been in business for more than 10 years, their previous accountants had only provided accounts and tax return services, giving very little input into how the business was performing, and leaving them without any guidance on how to plan for both tax and profit extraction.

How We Helped

Simple but effective quarterly reviews were initiated to monitor business performance, picking out some key metrics for Alex Merlin Consultancy to review and manage. Tax is now forecast forward on a quarterly basis, helping eradicate any potential cashflow issues when tax becomes paid. And, in addition, a closely managed review of current dividend levels compared to profitability allows the owner to extract profit whilst knowing that the business can sustain it in both the short and the long term.

What They Said

I am so impressed with the way Elevate and especially James Middleton have been working with me on my business finance. I couldn’t have chosen a better accountant who is easy to talk to and discuss plans with, understands such a high level of specialist information in his field and also takes a keen interest in checking all is on track for my business to perform at it’s best financially. I look forward to many many more years working with him and feel I now have the right support to drive my business forward. Thank you James!

Liz Honer, Company Director