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Thriving In Your Business & Your Life

Avoid negative people. They have a problem for every solution – Albert Einstein

It’s not all tax and accounts tips here at Elevate.

We are strong believers that positivity and a positive mindset are crucial not only for a successful business life, but for a successful life in general.

As a business owner, you are in a truly unique position. The culture of your business literally flows from the top down. Whilst this brings with it an enormous sense of responsibility, the opportunities of getting the culture right in your business are endless:

  • Your team spend over half of their waking life at work. Working in a positive environment makes it a place they want to be, retaining your existing team members as well as attracting the best out there to come and work with you.
  • Retaining your team not only creates a stable, gelled setting but keeps hold of your investment in them and reduces costly recruitment expenses.
  • A positive environment eliminates apathy and the fear of making mistakes, opening the door for your team to create new ideas, to develop opportunities, to learn and help your business evolve and grow.
  • Price, location and even product is the greatest loss of customers. Perceived apathy from your organisation accounts for more than 70% of customers choosing to do business elsewhere. Engaged and happy people can transform your business if they are given the right atmosphere to thrive.
  • With an engaged team, service delivery and improved client engagement naturally follow. Business is retained and your customers become your fanbase. “ How can we help? ” becomes the norm and your business moves forward and stands out from the crowd.

Are you the boss or are you the leader? What culture are you bringing as a leader? What can you improve to bring a positive culture to your business?